Winning at Gambling – 9 Rules For Gambling Success

Gambling is a massive industry and even in times of a worldwide economic recession, bookmakers continue to prosper. The reason for this is because the majority of gamblers do not follow simple rules, lack discipline and are unable to control their emotions. Its not easy but by following some simple guidelines you can turn yourself from a loser funding the bookmakers into a successful gambler.

1 – Create a sensibly funded separate betting bank

Gambling is a pastime which, if not treated seriously can lead to massive debts and losses. So the first rule is to ensure you bet with what you can afford. If you initially set aside an amount, which if lost is not going to cause any major concern, you are immediately removing the stress. You can treat this bank in the same manner you would money you had set aside for social activities or personal treats – there is one key difference though, you may well see a return! Pussy888

Also as part of this step break your bank into betting points. As an example if you had a bank of 500 you could create 500 points and state 1 point will be placed on bronze confidence bets, 3 on silver and 5 on gold. Alternatively you may prefer a percentage of the bank. Both ways are fine, once you have a clear, sensible and controlled banking structure which will only run out if you fail over a long period of time.

Finally as part of this step you must know realistically what you define as successful. If you have a betting bank of 500, it is not going to grow into a million overnight. Realism and sensible goals are vital.

2 – Keep records

If you are going to take gambling seriously, you must act in an efficient and controlled manner. The first key element in doing so is to ensure you keep full records of every single bet you place. A simple spreadsheet will do the job perfectly. Excel is of course ideal for this type of activity and offers massive ways of breaking down your data for you to see where you are going right or wrong. You can create headings and columns as you see fit but its recommended you have at least the following –

  • Date – the date of the bet being placed
  • Selection – what you are betting on
  • Amount – how much you are betting
  • Odds – the odds you have been given
  • Categorisation – the type of bet, for example a system name or a categorised description
  • Profit/Loss – your overall return
  • Comments – notes for future analysis

3 – Study

Unless you are lucky enough to be friends with someone on the inside then relying on other peoples word or a so called tip is basically just guessing. The rule of study means every time you go to type in a bet to your spreadsheet you have justification and a sure sense of why the bet is being placed. If you are unable to study the statistics/conditions and categorically know you are placing a bet for the right reasons, you should not be betting in the first place.

It is not acceptable and will lead to failure if your bets are not being based on thorough study of the betting event you are investigating. The rule of study is absolutely and categorically vital – it means sourcing appropriate materials, ensuring you understand the results and allowing enough time to really get to grips with your findings. To summarise, without studying you are guessing and will lose in the long-term.

4 – Know your odds and get the value

No matter what gambling selection you make, there must be a price associated with it you consider to be worthwhile. This is no different to going shopping – you know what you want to buy and what its worth, if the item is not as good value as you believe it should be, you wont buy it. The same rule applies here, if you are not able to get the odds you have set out for, then you do not back it. Ever!

Deciding on what the correct odds should be is of course an art in itself but something you must master in order to be successful at gambling. To summarise the rule – if you do not know if the odds are good or not how can you possibly add it to your betting spreadsheet with confidence?


Emergency Cash Loans and Possible Alternatives

In the current financial climate most of us know how difficult it is cope some months. Usually, we’re coasting along quite happily and making ends meet when WHOOSH! something hits us out of the blue and suddenly our carefully planned budget is worthless. If this has happened to you then it’s a safe assumption that an emergency cash loan has crossed your mind. slick cash loan

Most people think of an emergency cash loan as a payday or instant decision loan. A quick injection of cash to get them through this unforeseen circumstance and they can worry about paying it back later. Right? If this is true for you then STOP! I’m sure you don’t need me to tell you that this is a dangerous path to follow and may very well put you in a far worse financial position further down the line.

Try and think of all other alternatives before proceeding. The most obvious way to relieve the current problem is to discuss the issue with friends or family. If you are lucky enough to have people around you that are in a better financial position than you, are generous and care and trust you enough to lend you the money then please, take the offer. You may have to swallow your pride but this is by far the best solution (other than winning the lottery of course). Friends and family won’t charge you interest or give you a strict time limit to pay it back but please don’t take advantage of them. Kind gestures are hard to find in this day and age so give them the respect they deserve and pay them back as soon as you are able. They also won’t confiscate any of your belongings to sell at auction and reclaim some of the money you owe like a loan company would if you fail to make repayments on your emergency cash loan.

Another alternative, although much harder to face than picking up the phone and applying for an instant loan, is to sell some of your personal belongings. For example, the price of gold is at an all time high and the majority of jewellers would give you a very good price for any redundant gold items you no longer use. You may be emotionally attached to the item but in the current situation you need to face reality and realise that any assets you have should be used before getting yourself into severe debt because of a missed payment on an emergency cash loan. You have to try and think long term here. See the bigger picture.

If neither of these options are viable then by all means look into the possibility of obtaining an emergency loan but before you do heed this warning. If you miss a payment the interest you will have to start paying will be phenomenal. I mean, totally insane. What seems such an easy way out now could very easily become the worst thing you have ever done if you do not take the repayments very, very seriously. Look around, read all the small print and know exactly what you are getting into. Make sure you look at the APR you will be hit with if you fail to make the repayment. It will scare you. If you still want to go ahead with it, make the repayment with plenty of time to spare. Leave nothing to chance. Don’t put it off until tomorrow, pay it back as soon as possible. Remember, the loan company don’t want you to make the repayment. They want to sting you with enormous interest rates. That’s how they make money from emergency cash loans. Don’t let them sink their teeth into you.


Gambling Addiction

Gambling is a part of any game wherein money is a medium of exchange and bets are laid on either of the teams. The person whose team wins gets a  บาคาร่า  sum of money as the luring cash prize. Though the act of gambling is legal it requires a license. Any person may do gambling however if the host who is the source of laying bets does not have a license to run the same then he may be punished by the law. In many cases the gambling addiction starts from a small victory i.e. when a person gambles he may either win or may lose, now if a person wins there may be greed of winning again and the person may lay a bet once again and if the same person wins there is a possibility that the person may tend to bet again and again. Though after a few chances of luck and winning the person may even lose but since the person has won for many times there is a hope within the person that he may win again and in spite of losing again and again the person still continues to gamble.

Now if a person loses the amount at the very first chance there may be a small chance the person may lay a bet again just to win the money that was laid in during the gamble. Even if the person may lose every time there may be a possibility that the person may play until he sees victory. This is not just a day’s work, then on if the person is a winner there is a possibility that the person may get addicted to gambling and may start to gamble every day.

There have been instances where one has used all the resources in order to gamble, gold, money and at times even houses are lost in such addiction and by the time this is realized the person is already bankrupt. Many people have lost everything and still have the hope to win and this is when the real problem starts as one may also start to borrow or lend money and then gamble, at the end they lose all and also go into debt. It is very rare that one may win always in gambling and hence there is a very less chance of people winning.

The gambling addiction has ruined many people’s lives and families and hence to keep control of ones gambling habits or to even stop the same study has come up with a brilliant plan. There are compact discs available for purchase over the Internet and one may easily learn to keep this addiction in check. All one needs to do is download the compact discs and listen to it at their own convenience and perform all the actions that are seen or heard through the compact discs. These discs are very helpful for many people as they do not have to spend a lot and also they get ready and quit gambling. Hypnosis prepares you to be strong within and helps you combat your inner urge to gamble your money, wealth and happiness.



Lingerie Brands Are Now Finally Making bra sets for Real Women total information


Around Memorial Day, 2011, I realized I had a bra problem. I was headed to London for the summer, and the mini-movie entailed a radical wardrobe edit—I was adamant I’d pack only things that I genuinely loved and regularly wore, and nothing in my overstuffed lingerie drawer fit the bill. I had flimsy, candy-colored “sexy” bras that were impractical to wear. I had a T-shirt bra with heavy molded cups that I wore but devoutly despised because they made me feel like I had a pair of dirigibles strapped to my chest. There were latter-day versions of the legendary WonderBra that seemed to set my breasts on a platter and offer them to the world as a gift. And then—my secret favorite—I had a comfy, tank-style Jockey sports bra sets that did absolutely nothing for my tits. How is it possible, I wondered, that capitalism had yet to provide me with copious options for bras that I did not hate?

Lo these many years later, capitalism has come through. Women are living in an entirely different universe of underpinnings than they were just a few years ago. The sports bra I own now is hoisting, stabilizing feat of German engineering made by the brand Anita, and I would never in a million years think to use it for anything but running because my lingerie drawer is now filled with bras that are chic, gently supportive, and featherweight—to wit the wire-free, micromesh bralette by New York City-based brand Negative Underwear, one of several newcomers to the lingerie marketplace, that I’m wearing as I write this.


“We looked around at the fashion we loved, which was all very minimal—brands like The Row, and Céline when Phoebe Philo was designing it—and it just didn’t seem like there was a bra for the woman buying those clothes,” explains Negative’s cofounder Marissa Vosper about the impetus for the brand’s launch a few years ago.

Negative’s debut followed on the heels of ThirdLove, the popular direct-to-consumer lingerie brand that offers simple styles in a dazzling array of sizes, and it’s been followed by the launch of other labels with a similar remit. Not coincidentally, many of these brands were founded or co-founded by women. CUUP, launched in November, is typical in that its products reflect the simple goal articulated by cofounder Abby Morgan. “I wanted to embrace my natural shape,” she says.

“More often than not, the ideal breast is an invented breast,” wrote science columnist Natalie Angier in Woman: An Intimate Geography, published in 1999. “Breasts vary in size and shape to an outlandish degree, but they can be whipped into impressive conformity.” The striking thing about the new, minimalist lingerie brands is that they aren’t really offering a silhouette proposition—they provide a range of styles meant to enhance women’s genetically determined breasts rather than sculpt them to match a culturally ordained ideal. You can see the same kind of shift in the move toward shapewear that smooths rather than suctions, like that made by cult-favorite brand Yummie.


My Footballing Products

I wake I the morning feeling snug and warm, a feeling of safety and comfort is gained from knowing that I am lying under a duvet cover emblazoned in my favourite football team, my head has firmly pressed an 8 hour groove into the matching pillow cases of said football team. As much as I want to stay there all morning as I can feel the crisp cold air of the outside world waiting for me, I can’t. My alarm has sounded and another working day looms long, a weight on my shoulders that will not rise until 5 o clock in the evening. แซร์ ออริเยร์

Begrudgingly I drag myself into the shower and begin to scrub my face with a flannel that contains the logo of my favourite football team before I apply shaving foam to my grizzly face and grab my razor which too contains a small club crest of my favourite team. All washed up and feeling fresh I dry myself using a towel that shows my support for my favourite football team with the clubs name horizontally placed along the top and a background image of the club stadium full of fans, every use of this towel prompts me to wonder whether somewhere in that picture is me, supporting my team, How accurate would I have to zoom to examine every face, detailing every emotion known to the game of football, in fact known to life itself whilst searching for my own familiar face. Once dry I apply toothpaste to the toothbrush I purchased on-line, it is special to me as it is another item in my possession that shows the world, or rather my teeth that I am loyal to my local football team.

Breakfast for me consists of cereal in my favourite bowl. The bowl was bought for me by my nephew last Christmas, unsurprisingly it is labelled as my favourite football team and contains images of my hero’s in action, I see our towering central defender rising for a header and our young centre forward racing onto a through ball with each mouthful I take.

Shortly after my morning meal I arrive at my office where the thought of a days graft is made that little bit more bearable wit the site of the decorative nature of my desk. On the nearest wall is a calendar, each month containing one of my teams footballing hero’s, this month, March, show the goalkeeper in full flight to make a top corner save, it would have been a certain goal. My computer mouse rests on a mouse mat I purchased from my regular on line supplier of football gifts. Just as the day is improving a colleague makes me a cup of tea from my mug, need I tell you the theme of my mug? Well no I don’t but I will, it is a mug of my favourite football team celebrating our recent cup final success, great memories with every sip of tea, it definitely improves the taste of the brew.

Every day, my collection of football merchandise and football souvenirs is a testament to the fact that I believe I am my clubs biggest fan, I literally live and breath my football team through my range of football merchandise and football souvenirs.