The King Of Jordan Shoes For Basketball

Epic. Webster’s Dictionary defines epic as extending beyond the usual or ordinary especially in size or scope. That pretty well sums up the Air Jordan 11. This shoe is definitely goes well beyond your ordinary basketball shoe. In every category used to measure a shoe. Quality, design, style, performance and reputation. The Air Jordan 11 has dropped in many epic colorways and is widely considered to be the best Jordan, and best basketball shoe, ever made. This shoe was even part of an ensemble cast in the movie “Space Jam”, starring the man himself, Michael Jordan. This shoe is the definition of epic.

The Air Jordan was first released during the 1995-1996 NBA season. A season that saw the return of Michael Jordan. After retiring for three years and playing baseball, Jordan made a comeback and returned to the hardcourt sporting the most famous Air Jordan made and led the Chicago Bulls to an NBA Finals Championship. He also was the NBA regular season MVP and All-Star game MVP. Now that’s a comeback! Michael wasn’t the only legend to make a comeback that year. Tinker Hatfield, the Nike designer responsible for some many legendary Air Jordans, also returned. He returned to design the Air Jordan 11. Again, now that’s a comeback!

The legend of the Jordan 11 primarily lies in two elements that Hatfield used in the making of this shoe. A new patent leather and the return of a clear rubber sole. These two elements combined with a classic silhouette make the Jordan 11 the greatest pair of Jordan shoes for basketball ever made. It also was released in some of the most memorable colorways ever seen on a basketball shoe. The “Space Jams”, “Breds”, “Cool Greys”, “Columbia”, and the “Concord” are timeless classics. Perhaps the king of them all, the “Concord” is making a triumphant return this December 23rd to a store near you. The “Concord” features a white upper with black patent leather from heel to toe on it’s lower portion and will be released this time with a blue-tinted clear translucent sole. Now that is a Christmas present worth waiting for. Cheap air jordan Shoes

The last two Christmas’ have been worth waiting for. In 2009 the Jordan Retro 11 “Space Jams” dropped during the holiday season. And sold out in about an hour. In 2010 the “Cool Greys” showed up for during the Christmas season. And, again, sold out in about an hour. Now, for the third year in a row, the Air Jordan Retro 11 is visiting us for the holidays. And will sell out in about an hour.

A truly epic shoe releasing during an epic time of year. If you are a Jordanhead and sneakerhead in general, life is good. Really good.

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