An Approach to the Best Joint Pain Supplement

“Arthralgia” or joint pain is a pain or stiffness or even swelling around a joint like knees, hips, back, fingers etc. Women tend to get affected by these joint pains as they grow older and some joint pain causes in women are listed here:

-Menopause – A women who reaches the age of around 45 or 50 invariably undergoes some hormonal changes due to the onset of menopause. During this period, many women may often experience joint pains due to some hormonal imbalances frequently.

-Obesity – Women who have put on too much weight and have excess fat accumulation often find they develop pain in their joints.

-Lack of proper exercise can often contribute towards joint pains in women.

-Some women suffer from them due to heredity reasons.

-Any inflammation of the joint can cause pain in women. In these cases, it is important to discover the cause of the inflammation.

-Stress is another major factor that relates to joint pain causes in women.

-Some metabolic disorders and postural deficiencies, like standing or sitting for long hours, can lead to pain in various joints. Women who tend to stand for long periods and are often not aware of any problems until the pain begins.

-Tumors can be a cause of joint discomfort, depending on the location of the tumor.

-Bone diseases

Osteoporosis or bone loss can occur during menopausal periods in women and is yet another reason why women experience pain in their joints. As the estrogen production in the ovaries gets reduced, bone loss occurs and can cause severe pain in the joints. arthrolon prospect

Joint pain causes in women can be easily cured with some preventive measures, like regular exercising in the form of walking or jogging, doing yoga or workouts at the gym etc. Eating a balanced and healthy diet with adequate calcium intakes can keep them going strong.

Since menopause related pains occur due to hormonal imbalances, taking supplementary hormone medicines, after due consultation with one’s physician, can help quite a bit. Also, alternative treatments like acupuncture or herbal treatments can be of great help.

Many women have discovered that a change in diet providers considerable benefit and relief. While not every woman experiences the same results, the dietary changes involve eliminating more animal-based foods, such as red meat, chicken, cheese and reducing their overall fat intake, while consuming more vegetables and fruits. Also, avoiding oily foods should also be considered for weight loss which again prevents joint pain occurrences in women.


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